Welcome to the Island: Lost Redux Edition

As Roadtripper previously mentioned, we are both thoroughly obsessed with Lost and as with as many hot men as there are on that island it most definitely deserves a second week. If I could find my way to that island I most definitely would. My first stop? To see Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick):

His heartbreaking reunion with his constant, Penny, last season fortunately did not mean that we would be seeing less of him now. I need me as much of that accent, face, and body as I can get. Now come here, you're used to pushing buttons every 108 minutes and I know just the button you can press.

Welcome To The Island: I'm Lost Again!

But wait... didn't we already dedicate a week of our Island picks to LOST? The answer is yes and yes but Bad Wolf and I are slaves to the genius show put out by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. And LOST is firing on all cylinders this season so it deserves mega praise. And LOST in all about things coming back around full circle. And...

******Spoiler alert******

*****Don't scroll down if you are a lame ass who hasn't watched last week's LOST*******

*****I mean it, dammit!********

they brought back Jin!!!!!!!!

Lindelof and Cuse have a history of writing off their wayward, booze hound cast after brushes with Hawaii's finest (Question to cast of LOST: what is it about living in paradise that makes you hit the bottle so hard?)

I thought that Daniel Dae Kim was the latest causality after his DUI caused those evil powers that be to place him on the freighter that blew up last season... which sucked because I so heart his character Jin. Not to mention, I was really starting to miss the eye candy that Daniel Dae Kim brought to the show. Imagine my school girl squeal of glee when they rolled over a washed up man last week to reveal that even a DUI can't keep this hotness down!

My only complaint: he washed up ashore with his shirt intact. I mean... really?!?! C'mon, Lindelof and Cuse... how can you let the opportunity for showing off this perfection pass by?

Interesting factoid I discovered while IMBDing Daniel Dae Kim: he went to the same high school as fellow Island inductee and mega-hottie Dwayne Johnson. What do they put in the water there?