Welcome To The Island: Jon Hamm

Island Wednesday has had its challenges this time around. Bad Wolf fought with the Blogger site for a few hours to post her pick before finally throwing up her hands. Hopefully, the technical demons will leave her alone soon and she will post by tomorrow. I worked a 12 hour shift today followed by another Meetup.com event (FYI: those chicks are really cool. Yay new friends!) I rushed home but still managed to arrive 30 minutes in to the presidential debate I had planned to live blog. And I still owe my loyal readers an island pick.

Forget Calgon, I want Jon Hamm to take me away on days like these. He is the lead actor from my new cult fave, Mad Men. His character is a womanizing cheat but I still swoon over this guy. Sexy voice, piercing eyes, lips that beg me to kiss them, great dimples.

Just Go Meet In The Alley, You Two!

Sorry, guys but I am late tonight! I had another one of my meetup group events tonight. After work drinks at a local bar... I needed a jump start for this final debate. Oooohh... the sit-down forum. Interesting.

9:33 Boy did I walk in at a good time. McCain and Obama are going at it about McCain's political rallies. McCain is trying to defend the fact that some of his supporters are bigots. Obama has a STFU look on his face.

9:37 The Bill Ayers question. Obama handles it well. They served on a board together. Big whoop! Obama states clearly that Ayers will not be on his Cabinet.

9:38 Obama in a red tie; McCain in a blue one. What's going on tonight? Do they text each other beforehand? They are worse than me and my girlfriends before a night out.

9:40 Who's VP is better? Creepy old guy vs. Guns & Ammo Barbie. Tough call but creepy guy has a slight edge.

9:44 Obama managed to keep a straight face when answering if Palin was qualified as VP.

9:45 McCain touts that Palin understands special-needs children. Obama counters with those special-needs children would need more funding for research and support. McCain disagrees. What are we supposed to do... help them just through the mighty power of prayer?

9:47 Obama sure is smirking a lot tonight. The guy knows he has this election in the bag. Unless he whips out his dick, slaps it on McCain's forehead and shouts "Kill Whitey"... nope... come to think of it, he would still win. (Might even pick up a few extra votes, while he was at it)

9:53 McCain just needs to publish his passport so he can quit bragging about all the countries he has been to. Besides... I got drunk in Mexico a few times; it doesn't make me an expert on its economy. Who cares if McCain has actually been to Columbia?

9:59 McCain is now talking to his buddy "Joe the Plumber" and calling him "my friend". Do you really think McCain knows the name of his plumber?

10:00 Shit... now Obama is talking to "Joe the Plumber" too. I liked Joe better when he was Joe Sixpack.

10:01 New drinking game: Take a shot every time they say Joe. (I just opened a Woodchuck).

10:03 Shut up about Joe, dammit! I can't drink fast enough to keep up with this.

10:07 McCain says that he would pick Supreme Court Justices only by their qualifications not their ideology. Why don't I believe that? Ideology has been the basis for every single Justice on the bench. That is what the Supreme Court is for.

10:11 I break out in to a cold sweat when McCain says "We have to change the culture of this nation" when talking about his pro-life stance. What the hell does that mean? I like our culture just fine, thank you.

10:17 Why are Americans so stupid and lagging in education? Just look at McCain's political rallies. Must be a part of that culture McCain was speaking of.

10:20 Obama on Bush's "No Child Left Behind": "He left the money behind." LOL, Obama!

10:26 Bob Schieffer just referenced Myspace. Is it just me or do old people sound funny when they talk about Myspace?

10:28 McCain almost says he wants to make health care avoidable...er... affordable. Freuiean slip?

10:29 McCain mentions all the sacrifices he has made for his country. That POW bit never gets old, does it?

10:30 Obama closes on a fairly upbeat message.

10:31 Bob Schieffer's closing statement (claims it is from his mom): "Go vote now! It will make you feel stronger!" I couldn't have said it any better.

10:32 Damn! Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain didn't even talk to each other up on stage. I smell bad blood.

Whew! Again, sorry for my tardiness. I am glad the debates are over. Now go vote... it will make us all feel stronger!