Oh... Just Go Get A Room (In The White House!)

I swear, President-Elect and Future First Lady Obama (felt so good typing that!) are just too damn cute. I actually choked up a little bit at the genuineness of his thanks to "my best friend for the last sixteen years, the rock of our family and the love of my life". Awwww! Can these two get any more adorable? I am going to go in to sugar shock after 4 (or 8, fingers crossed) years of this.

Welcome to the Island: Jason Statham

Just like Roadtripper, I too have a not so secret thing for Brits, especially those who can kick some ass. So when she brought up the idea but said Daniel Craig was taken, I had no problem coming up with many names to choose from. I was this close to going with Sean Bean (he's had me since Sharpe's Rifles) but then I saw this sent to me courtesy of Roadtripper:

Yowza! I see your bathing beauty shot Roadtripper and raise you that! Only a body like that could have me sitting through The Transporter. But I gladly will if it means I get to see Jason Statham kicking ass, taking names, and doing it all with a rough British accent.

And because you can never have too many shirtless pics of him:

Welcome To The Island: Daniel Craig

Sure, I'll play your silly little game and call you Mr. Bond.

I love action movies. Actually, rewind... I like action movies with sexy, British guys in them. I would much rather watch James Bond charm the pants off a woman and sip a martini than some guy killing everyone in the room with his mere pinky finger. The accent just makes it so much classier, no?

I never thought anyone would replace Sean Connery as the sexiest Bond. Then along came Daniel Craig. "A blonde Bond?!?" everyone screamed. Then he had to go show all the haters that sometimes blondes really do have more fun... or at least more women swooning. Need more proof? I present Exhibit A: The Bathing Suit scene

Ursula Andress no longer holds the patent on sexiest Bond bathing suit moment