Welcome To The Island: All Hail James Purefoy

I never understood why HBO pulled the series Rome after only two seasons. It was prime girl porn. Tons of hot guys running around in togas and some very raunchy sex scenes. I own both seasons on DVD and was thrilled when I converted Bad Wolf in to a Rome-luva!

With all the prime men running around (shirtless) in the series, it is kind of tough to pick just one but I will pledge my allegiance to James Purefoy's Marc Anthony any day. Yowza!

I will fully own up to the fact that Rome's love of male full frontal nudity didn't hurt. And James Purefoy... yeah... he was one of the ones who willingly dropped his toga. Just type his name in to YouTube to see what all the fuss was about over him. Until then, enjoy this little moment of (near naked) bliss....

Your Keyser Soze Moment of Zen

For anyone who loves The Daily Show and the Unusual Suspects is an awesome video from last night's episode. Evidently, some people think that President Obama is the anti-christ. The Daily Show mocks its obvious ridiculousness with a twist of Usual Suspects. It's definitely worth a few chuckles. Especially after my semi-poopy day.

Welcome to the Island: When in Rome Edition

I had often heard Roadtripper expound on the wonders of HBO's Rome. I never really got it. Until last summer when I had the joy of finally catching it while visiting her and Candace. And Yowza, did I get it!

Those eyes! That integrity combined with a look that says I will fuck your shit up if you piss me off. Once seeing his portrayal of Lucius Vorenus on Rome, i quickly netflixed the rest of the series and also watched Made of Honor. Made of Honor, and I am not a Patrick Dempsey fan! Then I look into those eyes again and forget Dempsey entirely.

Welcome to the Island Kevin. Don't worry, I've been to Pompeii and have seen their brothels, I know a few positions I can point out for us.