My Newest Obsession

My family has a tendency to fixate on things. When we discover a new interest we must learn everything about it (hence my encyclopedic knowledge of the Beatles and my dad's 13 year ongoing Civil War book project). Since catching part of Band of Brothers on TV over the holidays I have, well fixated. In between trying to stomach the absolute absurdity of Twilight and finish it, I have read "Brothers in Battle: Best of Friends" and am making my way through the Band of Brothers DVD set and also reading "Band of Brothers" by Stephen Ambrose and "Easy Company Soldier."

So when I disappear for a while, come back speaking WW II slang, and nominate Damian Lewis as my favorite man in uniform you will understand why.

Normal is so overrated.

Welcome to the Island: Nathan Fillion Edition

What's that you're thinking? "A new island post? It's been ages!" Yes it has, and what can I say? Real life gets in the way sometimes. But I'm baaaacckkkkk. And for my pick: Nathan Fillion:

Some of you may remember him from his short lived stint on Desperate Housewives or when he was One Life to Live (and yes I sadly admit to having watched that soap). His best role (at least until he becomes my personal slave)? Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly/Serenity. It was a short lived TV show that was a space western written by TV God Joss Whedon. Not everyone's cup of tea (I am looking at you Roadtripper!) it certainly was mine, not least of which for him.

He combines an honest moral front with a dark center of don't fuck with me. And he has a great smile and a killer body. Captain Tightpants indeed. Yum.