Welcome To The Island: Gerard Butler

Who else could make a skirt and a pink shirt look so manly?

Due to high demand (okay... only one person), a new member will be inducted on to the island once a week. Not only am I living in fantasy land, but I am also so unoriginal that I chose Wednesday aka Hump Day (because my sense of humor never progressed past year 12... hee hee) as my debut.

This week's addition: Gerard Butler. The man is simply smoking hot. And that accent... every time he opens his mouth, I think of Samantha Jones' line "If he can do that with his R's, imagine what else his mouth can do."

From The Cubicle Farm

Your tax dollars at work! Here is what has kept me awake in my cubicle this morning.

Apparently Chrystal and I haven't even scratched the surface when it comes to crappy names.

Pimping out "family values" is so 2004. A take on Obama that is aimed right for the single girl's heart.

I am not sure if I am turned on or scared shitless by this new condom ad.

This bastard wants to get rid of the entire month of August. If I don't get any birthday presents, I am hunting him down.