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Just got my first issue of Paste Magazine in the mail and it rocks! Hadn't heard of it until they had My Morning Jacket on the cover and I stopped to look at it in an airport (gotta support the local bands gone good). (I am also one of those people that will completely stop whatever I am doing when I hear, see pictures of, or anything related to the Beatles, X-Files or whatever my current obsession happens to be) It covers all of the basics of pop culture (books, music, movies etc) but in a way that totally supports my snobbish sensibilities. You hear about music that they have never heard of on MTV, your local radio stations and most of Sirius for that matter. More importantly you don't hear about Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or any of the other celebrities who make me shudder and throw up a little when I hear about them. and every issue comes with a CD of their fav songs and musicians of the moment. Its only 11 or 12 issues a year but still covers more than Entertainment Weekly hopes to do in a year. Anyhoo, that is my unpaid non-celebrity endorsement. I am off to read more of the mag. And consider this your a-la Daily Show moment of Zen:

Because Maggie and I, we also rock.