They Like Me... They Really, Really Like Me!

I got my membership approved for the Jacksonville Women's Social Meetup today. Whew! I was starting to get nervous. All jokes aside, they do look like a fun group of women and offer some kickass events. Too bad I am moving this weekend and am going to miss their Haunted Pub Crawl. I went to one of those in Key West and had a blast! Ghosts and booze make for a fun mix indeed. No fear though... the next couple of weeks has several other events to choose from: a grape stomp at a local winery, a kayaking trip and even an "English-style" tea party.

But before becoming a social diva, I need to survive this move. I pick up the moving truck first thing tomorrow and will spend all day lugging furniture and boxes in to it. The plan is to leave early Saturday morning to head down to NC... but Tropical Storm Hanna is threatening the Carolina coast. Keep your fingers crossed for me!