Does this make me a pinko communist?

I have to own up to being completely underwhelmed with the Olympics. In fact, I haven't actually watched a single event. I see the medal count whenever I go on Yahoo. I might catch the occasional clip or two watching the news.

How very unpatriotic of me, I know.

In my defense, I've just never been much of a sports fan. Sports is the one section of the newspaper that I toss to the side without even opening. Fanatical sports fans who paint their faces and get in to bar fights over team rivalries are like aliens to me. I managed not to attend a single sporting event at Purdue during my time there. Pre-game parties? Yes. Tailgating? Sure. Big Victory Celebration or We Lost Now Let's Drown Our Misery parties? Absolutely! The actual game itself? Not a chance in hell.

In an effort to get more rah-rah for Team USA, I dedicated a whopping ten minutes to watching Olympics-only news.

Members of the New Zealand soccer/football/whatever-the-hell-you-call-it team take off their shirts and perform some kind of mating ritual even after getting their asses handed to them by Belgium. That's kinda hot actually... maybe sports aren't so bad.

Hey... weightlifting. That could be cool! I like it when muscular men make funny grunting noises.

Oh sweet Jeebus! Is his elbow really supposed to bend in that direction?!?!? It's friggin' backwards! OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!

Screw this... I am going back to watching Bravo. Nobody gets hurt on Project Runway or Shear Genius.

Another 80's Trend

Fashionistas have been trying to bring back 80's style for a few years now. And I have dug my heels in protest. I hate 80's style. It isn't flattering; and it is just plain ugly. Pegged/rolled pants send me in to a blind rage. Day-Glo colors make me want to gouge my eyeballs out. Leggings have been known to induce fainting spells.

Having said all that, I do secretly dig crimped hair. Definitely not for walking down the street midday like Ms. Banks chose to do. And, yes, it does look a little trailer trash. But for those nights out when your ensemble needs that extra pizazz and you just don't feel like taking yourself too seriously. Hell yeah... bust out that crimping iron!

This is one of the rare 80's trends I can actually stand behind. What do you think? Cute trend or do I just need to go ahead with the down payment on my double-wide right now?