Welcome to the Island: Footballer Edition

And what better footballer to have on this week after the Super Bowl than Peyton Manning. Yeah, I know the Indianapolis Colts weren't in the Super Bowl but they are my favorite team and Peyton Manning has a lot to do with it.

His nose looks like it has taken a few hits but I do dig those blonds. I think it is the combination of the blond, incredible work ethic and leadership, the fact that he led my team to its first super bowl a few years ago, and the fact that he could use that incredible footballer's body to toss me around like he does the pigskin. And all that stretching, I can pretend it's really just preparing for his performance with me after the game:

Welcome to the Island Peyton, don't worry I will definitely keep you in shape and increase your stamina.

Addendum to Post: Roadtripper is currently overworked and computer-less. And since she doesn't care about football she has picked David Beckham as her footballer. I guess I wasn't specific about the type of football, huh? Still, I think she would approve of the pic: