Welcome to the Island: Chris Isaak

Many of you all may have been wondering where Roadtripper and I have been. Reality went and swallowed us whole for a while. But we are back, I even have the nagging cough to prove it. And to thank you for nagging us to continue with the island, I bring you Chris Isaak!

How can you not be turned on by this man? That Elvis, Rockabilly style, Billy Idol sneer, voice even Roy Orbison would be jealous of. Yowza! And as Roadtripper and I went to a concert of his, got his autograph, and saw him up close and personal we can tell you, he is even better looking in person. That arm and little bit of face on the left hand side of the pic? Totally Chris Isaak!

I think I am off to take a cold shower. Damn!