Welcome to the Island: Luke Wilson Edition

In honor of President Obama's inauguration (I still get a little giddy typing and saying that), this week's island theme is actors who have played the Prez. My choice: Luke Wilson.

He starred in a not very well known movie called Idiocracy (which I haven't seen but will be nexflixing shortly) wherein he was frozen/hibernated in a government experiment gone awry. He wakes up 500 years later in a de-evolved society where he is easily the smartest person and thusly elected president. Any why not? He can be my president any day. Take a look at that jaw line, I just want to lick it. He is also pretty damn funny, he guest starred on one of the funniest episodes of the X-Files ever! In fact, if I ever met him I would probably become the flustered giddy school girl that Dana Scully did in Bad Blood.

Welcome to the island Luke, let me show you into my oval office.