Farewell To Old Friends

After a weekend of gorging myself on fried seafood, cheesecake and Hardee's breakfast (in my defense, my folks were in town), I have decided to tighten up the diet again and start hitting the beach for some running starting tomorrow morning. Monday mornings suck but they offer up a tabula rasa of sorts. But since it isn't Monday yet, I used the excuse of "cleaning out my fridge" to indulge in the ultimate gastronomic pleasure.

Hellooooo, old friend!

If you have never had English sticky toffee pudding, search the dessert menu of your local English or Irish pub. It is a must have. Over Memorial Day, Bad Wolf, Momma Bad Wolf and I almost fought over who got to lick the plate after we shared a plate of it at an Irish pub in Louisville. No pub nearby? This Haagen-Dazs version is an awesome substitute (Thanks for the heads-up, Bad Wolf!)

Well, I am off to go "clean my fridge" some more. Wish me luck!

SNL Keeps Firing on all Cylinders (at least when it comes to the Election)!

Last night's Saturday Night Live saw Tina Fey again reprising her role as Sarah Palin in their lampooning of the VP debate. They again hit it out of the park, of course they didn't have to write much script. If only Sarah Palin realized what she says is such a comedic gold mine. Queen Latifah plays moderator Gwen Ifill.

The look on Queen Latifah's face at about 4 minutes left to go pretty much sums up what much of us were thinking during the entire debate. There is even a line at the end about using maverick as part of a drinking game. They are on to you Roadtripper! Maybe you should be an SNL writer.