An Excuse To Play With My Food Again

Aren't these just the cutest little salt and pepper shakers? I saw them at Urban Outfitters a few months ago (pssst! You can order them off amazon for half the price!) and had to have them. They are absolutely adorable.

R U There, God? It Really Is Margaret Here. Please Send Help!

I know the above picture is probably a Photo-shop project. If it were real, it wouldn't be the bikini that would bother me. If a 44 year old woman can rock a bikini that well, I am completely willing to give an "atta girl!" What bothers me is the insane objectification of women with guns. I have been subjected to numerous news clips of staged photo-ops with Sarah Palin at the shooting range, fondling a semi-automatic while falling back on that beauty pageant smile of hers, not a hair of that Peggy Hill bouffant out of place. Each time, I fly in to a blind rage. This is supposed to be an example of a strong woman? She looks like the new limited edition Guns & Ammo Barbie.

What is it about women and guns that makes men go nuts? Even more perplexing is why do women feed in to this insane behavior? I stayed awake long enough during Freshman Pysch 101 to hear about Freud's asinine theories of phallic symbols and penis envy. I think Freud just needed to get laid more often.

I served in the Army so I am no stranger to guns. Hell, I even own one. I take anytime where I am armed very seriously. I am not trying to be sexy or cute. I am not trying to get laid. Mine is owned for self-defense only. Not exactly sexy time.

Anytime a woman (or man, for that matter) picks up a gun, they need to respect it. Gun ownership is a double-edged sword. Yes, it is our American right (as any NRA enthusiast will tell you). But, as with any right, comes responsibility. Take it seriously. And quit catering to caveman fantasies.