RIP Sleazy M

You are officially no longer a part of my life
I would have made this claim a few months back
But you were always lurking in the shadows
Trying to engage in combat by glaring
Man of war that you are
I thought you would pick a better weapon

A man of many faces
The upright family man trying to lead the perfect life
With the perfect girlfriend
And the perfect house

Other women saw another face
The lecherous man sitting on a bar stool
Luring women back to your perfect home
Promising them a perfect lay
Cheap thrills
Getting off on the knowledge
You were getting away with a whore
In the damn near marital bed

Then there was the third face
For the girl who was not quite the perfect girlfriend
Not quite the whore
You made me think I was this force you couldn't resist
That I was something special
Something enchanting

But in fact
You just made me another one of your whores

You told me I could never be the perfect girlfriend
And yet you kept sniffing around
Like the dog you are

When the covers got pulled back
And your most frequented whore exposed the truth
You were indignant
How dare the whore have her day!

Now your perfect girlfriend
Is putting the pieces back together
Without you.
She will be fine
And make the perfect girlfriend
For someone else.

Your whore is fine too
Ready to move on
You taught her that she is still capable of feeling something
I can dig through the shards of hatred in my heart
And remember how I felt
That I actually felt
Wasted emotion, yes
But emotion nonetheless

You, on the other hand, are not fine.
Maybe you will realize this next week
Now that the perfect house is sold
And the perfect job is abandoned
Maybe sitting in the cold reality
Of your parents' basement
You will realize that you are a lonely forty year old man
With nothing.

She is fine

I am fine

You are not

Nothing but a forty year old man
With no one to love
No friends
No job
Clinging to a childhood dream of being a super hero
Puffed up with hot air
The only thing to keep you company are
The stories that you think make you the talk of the party
But you live in a basement

Let this thought ricochet
Through your head
Through what is left of your heart
Through the walls of that lonely basement

She is fine
I am fine
You are alone

Ain't no stopping me now!

Just found out that I can blog from work. Woot! I get blocked from most sites at work so this is a source of great excitement for me. Now I can be even less productive at the office... if that is really possible...