Welcome To The Island: Father Gabriel Byrne

Too bad I am not Catholic or else I could have given up posting late blog entries for Lent.

But being the heathen that I am, not only can I miss my blog deadline due to two consecutive nights of excess and lust, but I also get to think impure thoughts about actors who have played religious figures. My island inductee this week is Gabriel Byrne. Quite the paradox with this man, who traded in his starched white collar for his role as a priest in Stigmata and immediately took a role as the Prince of Darkness in End of Days. No matter if he fights on the side of good or evil, he is seriously sexy doing either. Rugged jawline, sharp blue eyes and the sexiest accent complete with Irish lilt. I would fall to my knees for Gabriel Byrne... but I probably wouldn't be doing much praying.

Say a little prayer for Roadtripper, Father Gabriel, because that last statement may have seriously paved my way to Hell! Until then, we always have the island...