Tough Times Are No Excuse For Bad Fashion

I have a dirty little secret: I am a Forever 21 shopper. That's right. A 30 year old woman who buys cheap trendy knock-offs. I even have their website bookmarked and check out the new arrivals at least twice a day because all the cool stuff has a tendency to disappear in the blink of an eye. At least 50 percent of my jewelry comes from there. That cute shirt I wore at New Years? Straight off their website. I love being able to buy frivolous, irreverent trends and not break the bank. When an item goes out of style in a few months, I won't be out more than $30.

Being several years over their intended demographic, I have to use a little restraint. Sure... those shiny faux-leather leggings are kind of hot in Pat Benetar way and are quite the steal at only $22 but probably should never grace an ass over the age of 21. The glen plaid tube dress is really adorable and is a great knock-off of something I have seen Victoria Beckham wear but my tube dress days have passed.

Then there is the fashion that I just don't get:

Those weird hoodies covered with crappy 80s graphics are fugly beyond belief.

I think my grandma has a top like this one.

Then... today... I saw something that truly made my heart hurt.

The return of Hammer pants. Although they are now described as "harem" or "paper bag" pants. What a horribly unwelcome re-trend. Who wants to look like they took a dump in their pants? Fucking Hammer pants! MC Hammer went broke and can now be seen praying all over the Jeebus channel. Is this really who we want as a fashion icon during these troubled times?

Welcome To The Island: "Prime Minister" Hugh Grant

All the things that I love about British guys exist in the lusciousness that is Hugh Grant. He has perfected that style of bed head that American chaps can never seem to pull off. He stutters and stampers in the most adorable way. He possesses a dry, witty sense of humor. He is a closet freak (Divine Brown, anyone?)

In fact, he was the perfect person to represent jolly old England and play the Prime Minister in Love Actually. Last week, the Island was all about hot actors who had played American presidents. This week, we extend of love to our sexy cousins across the pond.

As an added bonus, check out Hugh in his turn as Prime Minister in my fave scene from the movie. How the man can juggle being a complete dork yet totally lickable at the same time is beyond me... but I love every minute of it! Yup... he puts the prime in prime minister.

Welcome to the Island: Actors Who Play Prime Ministers Edition

Hot on the heels of actors who have played the President, is our actors who have played the Prime Minister Edition of the Island. (Who better of an ally to the president than the Prime Minister? I won't even mention Israel with the latest mess going on) Who better to usher it in than Anthony Stewart Head:

I don't even remember on what movie/miniseries he played the PM in, I trust Roadtripper's imdb knowledge in that. All I needed to know was Anthony Stewart Head. Now many of you may remember him from Buffy, or as I do from an episode of the greatest Sci-Fi show ever, Doctor Who, or maybe from the old Taster's Choice/Nescafe commercials. Whatever from, I am sure you do remember him. He combines the velvetiest of accents (if you have never heard Once More With Feeling, you are missing out on a lovely singing voice as well) with that undeniable attraction of a fine older man with a hint of danger.

I posted this pic because it makes me want to lick and nibble his neck

And hell, do I even need a sign off sentence with the last name Head? Welcome to the island Anthony, you'll find your name in use quite often here.

How I Spent My Snow Day Part II or Come Get Lost With Me

So after driving two thirds of the way to work because it was 0730 and work starts at 0730 and none of the local tv stations said the base was closed and I hate to be late, I finally got the call from my Chief: Base is closed, turn around and go home. Woo-hoo! But what to do? I am unfortunately, already wide awake so I can't go back to sleep. Then I saw a commercial for Lost tonight. And then the light bulb hit: I'll catch up on Lost! So in between my daily 100 crunches and reading the latest Ian Rankin and more on my WW II obsession, I started re-watching Lost from the beginning:

And I remembered why this show is so damn awesome and the reason Roadtripper and I are not to be disturbed on Wednesday evenings. If you don't watch it, it is not too late. They just started the second to last season. Netflix it, beg or borrow it from friends but do not miss it. It is a show for those who love a show that will take them for a ride and have them searching their library and the internet afterwards for what each name and remote clue means. Rewatching the first season I remembered how much I love Sayid and Hurley (I would love to see them in a buddy comedy movie together!). How much I do not miss Boone or Shannon. How much I miss Walt and how much I want to find out what the Hell is up with Claire. Besides giving your brain a tripped out ride that the X-Files never quite accomplished, it is an adventure show and thoroughly delves into each character. It is easily the best show on TV period. Sorry, 30 Rock, Mad Men, House or whatever banal shit you pollute your mind with. If you only watch two shows one of them should be Lost. Your brain will be better for it, your cocktail party dinner conversation too.

Random Rambllings or How I Spent My Snow Day Part I

I was lucky enough today to be granted a snow day. And for Memphis, TN that only required about an inch of ice below an inch of snow. Still it was beautiful and inspired my haphazard love of photography. So through my handy dandy camera and some playing with the color on my computer I present Snowbound in Tennessee. Should I continue on with my intermittent love of photography or keep it to drunken pictures or roadtripper and I?