Visitors not only welcome but highly encouraged

Just think of all the martinis and frozen pizzas that will be prepared here...

The dining room

Nerve center aka Living Room

I am trying to be fancy and refer to this as the Lana' i.
How very hoighty toighty of me, no?

Swanky new bachelorette pad

As promised... pictures of my future NC condo.

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Shower in master bath... it has a freakin' seat in it!!!

There is also a 2nd bedroom and bath that mom and I forgot to take pictures of. Keep that in mind future visitors... hint, hint :)

What is it about men...

who drive Jeeps?

who wear leather jackets?

who play rugby?

who have dimples when they smile?

or even the ones with a dimple in their chins?

who put on wire-rimmed glasses every once in a while?

who aren't afraid to eat sushi?