Welcome To The Island: Dennis Miller

Mom always said that good looks will only get you so far; it is much better to have someone with whom you can discuss the morning paper with over breakfast. Smart = sexy. But smart + funny as hell = my eternal devotion. Enter Dennis Miller. I have had a secret crush on him for years. I love his old stand-up routines, even though I have to break out a dictionary to decipher half of what he is saying. I even tuned in for his disastrous run as a commentator on Monday Night Football (anyone who knows me can attest to my hatred of the sport) just so I could get snippets of his razor sharp wit and see that wicked smile.

His recent turn as a wack-job right wing news commentator definitely tests my devotion. Dennis Miller still cracks me up though, and I would love to see what discussions we would have over the morning paper. Welcome to the island, Dennis!

Welcome to the Island: Tim Roth

Not everyone on our island is as classically pretty as many our recent posts may suggest. They don't have to have six packs or know six ways to kill someone. There are certain men who strike our fancy for no obvious reason. So maybe it's the nose, maybe its the accent (that definitely helps), or maybe it's the fact that it was in the classic Reservoir Dogs that I first saw him: Tim Roth:

Whatever reason it is, I find him incredibly hot. And hey, I've seen Rob Roy and still find him sexy. That is no easy feat.

So welcome to the island Tim Roth, I'll be your honey bunny anytime.