Welcome to the Island: Completely Random Edition

As Roadtripper is away with limited time and access, she will be unable to provide another inductee onto the island this week. Thusly, it is my completely random edition. So I thought, and thought, and thought and had that light bulb moment. Why not do the original bad boy. We all know the one. The one with the leather jacket, bad attitude, fast car, kissable, delicious lips that so easily formed into a snarl. But behind it all eyes that spoke of inner turmoil that the scarred emotional boy that you knew was in there and could save.

So of course my choice is James Dean. With those eyes, lips, great hair, aforementioned bad boy image, and oh, did I mention that he's also from the great state of Indiana?

Welcome to the Island, James. You were taken from us way too soon but here you will live forever.