Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (or at least Bad Wolf)

I realized today that it has been quite a while since I have posted, well okay a week, and our faithful readers (shout out to CKD!) may be wondering where the heck I have been. I mean, Roadtripper moved and drove through a tropical storm and still posted! I have been dealing with my own deluge... of pennies. My father gave me over $50 in pennies, unwrapped. And I know I could have taken them to one of those machines and got cash for it but I am stingy and refuse to pay a surcharge for that! And I am little, teensy bit OCD and couldn't stand them sitting there waiting to be wrapped so I have been wrapping them, slowly but surely, every single freaking day. See, I hadn't really disappeared (you'll have to wait a few more weeks into football season for that) but wrapping over 2500 pennies takes a wee bit of time:

But as you can see I am finally done (till I go home next and get more) and will be dropping them off at the bank soon, so you should be hearing more from me. Especially if the Colts don't start playing well! Ciao for now, until tomorrow's delicious island pick.

Best Onscreen Kiss

Every Myspace bulletin survey I fill out always has the question "Have you ever been kissed in the rain?" Uhhhh... no. I know the roots of this phenomenon can be traced to popular kissing in the rain scenes from Spiderman and The Notebook. I get it: you are so overwhelmed with passion that you want to lay a big wet one on him even in adverse weather conditions. But people have taken this to a new level. Kiss in the rain! Take a walk in the rain! Dance in the rain! Sing in the rain! Needlepoint in the rain! Make balloon animals in the rain! What the hell is up with peoples' obsession of doing things in the rain?

It is raining here today. It is chilly and traffic is bad. All I want to do is lock myself indoors and drink hot toddys until the sun comes out again. I definitely don't want to run outside to make out with someone. It is hard to feel romantic when you're cold and have eye makeup running down your face.

I am not a cold-hearted cynic; I am just practical. My favorite onscreen kiss takes place in a dry train station, and still manages to turn me in to a pile of mush with each viewing. It is the last scene of BBC's "North & South", starring Richard Armitage. Yes, my chosen king on the Island.

Harlequin romance novels cribbed all their material from Austen and Gaskell so this story will sound familiar: Girl from South meets boy from North. They hate each other. Boy starts liking girl. Girl snubs boy. Girl regrets her snub and starts liking boy. Misunderstandings keep them apart. Girl gets on a train to head North to profess her love but he isn't there. Boy is down South looking for girl. They meet at the train station as they are heading back to their respective homes. Boy gives girl a flower that he just picked from her favorite garden in the South while looking for her. Apologies are made and misunderstandings cleared while boy takes girl's hand.

Girl picks up boy's hand and kisses it. Very racy for the time! Next thing you know, she'll flash a little ankle.

Boy leans in for the big one. Does that whole cupping her face with his hand thing. I am such a sucker for that move.

Boy takes his sweet time. Lots of deep eye locks and trembling lips but he manages to seal the deal. The photos don't do it justice. It is a hot scene!

See! Who needs cold, sloppy kisses in the rain? This is how it's done.

You Cry :: I Smile

Recent text message received from a sleazy ex who was sleeping with me, his live-in girlfriend and half of Northern Virginia:

"Just so u know after 4 combat tours u r the worst thing ever happened to me."

Hmmmm.... guess he is still holding a grudge because I outed him to the poor girl who moved across the country to be with him. I hope he is reading this now so he knows that I think he is a joke. Did he think I would curl up in the fetal position and cry myself to sleep because he hates me now? Nice try, dirtbag, but I rejoice in the fact that you are lying in that lonely proverbial bed that you made for yourself. Thanks for the compliment... now go away!