Barack the Vote and Barack a Beer

Went to the Flying Saucer (awesome bar, good beer i.e. no miller, budweiser, or coors in sight) for their weekly glass night. Tonight's was Vote night: your choice of either the Barack Obama or John McCain glass with your choice of tasty lager. Of course there was no contest on whose I got:

Any residue you see on the inside of the glass is Guiness, drink of the Gods that is. So don't forget to do what the glass says: vote come November, and remember life is too short to drink bad beer!

My Inner Gay Man Is Squealing With Joy!

The New Generation of 90210 premiered last night. To lure in the old fogies like me, Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh are back, bringing Uncle Jesse's wife from Full House and some dude from Melrose Place along for the ride. Still... I wondered if I was really too old for this.

Within the first 10 minutes, they brought out the big guns with the drunk grandma as the reason for the fish out of water family to relocate to Beverly Hills from Kansas. Yay! I love Long Island Ice Tea swilling grandmas. Even better when they are aged Hollywood starlets writing their memiors about all the men they've had sex with. My friend Christen tells me the same actress played "the mean matriarch from Arrested Development" so expect all kinds of wacky hijinks from her.

They better not kill her off!

Just to sweeten the pot, they added a hot English teacher. I surrender, 90210!!! I am your bitch! Again! You now officially have a spot on my DVR. Just don't kill grandma... and have that teacher take his shirt off.

Hot despite all those pesky clothes!

Not sure if my fragile heart can handle all this, but Diane von Furstenberg is on Project Runway tonight! She is the designer known for making kickass wrap dresses that I absolutely covet. If I ever have an extra $800 lying around, I am so heading for her showroom.

The design vixen in her own creation

Reason #278 I Am Ready To Leave Virginia

View of my evening commute

Nothing drives me more bonkers than traffic. If only I could meet the genius urban planner who came up with the bright idea to have only two tiny roads leading out of a military base containing tens of thousands of employees and have those roads dump out on to a major highway that already has swarms of traffic from DC... there would be massive blood spill if I could get my hands on him or her!

Welcome to the Island: Sci-Fi Hunks, Part 1

Bad Wolf here, with my first post. Before I get to the newest addition to the island, I would like to thank Maggie (Roadtripper) for allowing me to contribute here. I will try to live up to her previous posts and all of the lies she has told about me on here. And now to the gloriousness that is the island. I give you David Tennant:

Now I know he is not the typical "hottie" but I am not your typical gal. I do take it as a compliment when I am called a snob but also when I am called a geek. I watch and read a lot of sc-fi and fantasy. Lately, I have been on a big Doctor Who kick (if you haven't watched it, get thee to Netflix and put it in your queue now!). The main reason: David Tennant, the current Doctor. I love a man who looks good in glasses, and do tend do go for those named David (more on that in a future post). He may be a bit on the skinny side but has enough smarts, geeky charm, humor, and versatility to more than make up for it. Oh, and did I mention that he is Scottish? A Scottish/Irish/Welsh/English accent always gets to me too. Hoo-boy!

Welcome to the island, David. Just don't forget your sonic screwdriver.

Dating Advice From The Scientists

No wonder I haven't been on a good run dating-wise. For years, I have tried above all else not to remind guys of their mothers. No nagging them to pick up their socks. I don't even like to cook them their favorite childhood meal (Who am I kidding? I don't like to cook. Period.)

Perhaps am taking the wrong tact. Scientists are now finding that men are attracted to women who remind them of their mothers. Then again, the study also finds the same rules apply to women. Since there aren't any bespectacled, ginger-haired, fishing-obsessed men on my list of ex-boyfriends, I am going to have to "scientifically" conclude that my dad is not the measuring stick for who I date.

I don't think I am ready to slap on the apron and get a mom hairdo just yet. Is anyone else slightly skeeved out by this whole idea? And who wants a Oedipal momma's boy anyways?