Welcome To The Island: Christian Bale

Just in time to sweep down and rescue us all from The Great Economic Crisis of 2008, this week's island inductees are examples of America's love of superheroes (or of Roadtripper and Bad Wolf's love of hot muscular guys in silly costumes.)

My pick is Christian Bale, the latest Dark Knight. I honestly don't give a fig about Batman yet I squealed like a school girl when I heard Christian Bale was going to don the Caped Crusader's codpiece. This man has talent, not to mention extreme dedication when it comes to his roles. His intensity, smoldering eyes and sick physique are too much for this girl. Just take his role in American Psycho. I didn't know if I should turn off the TV and cower in the other room or roll on the floor with laughter or lick the screen every time he appeared sans shirt (FYI: I chose the latter two options.) He can save the day, even if he does make you feel a little uncomfortable while doing it. And did I mention how hot he is with his shirt off?

Welcome to the Island: Troubled Superheroes

You should recognize him from Iron Man, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Tropic Thunder, Chaplain and many more movies (and hopefully not his less than stellar roles: I am looking at you Ally McBeal!). Superhero: check, he did an awesome turn as Tony Stark. Troubled: check, I think we all know his history and are happy that the troubled times are behind him. And now that they are, I think we can all agree that Robert Downey Jr has aged like a fine wine, he just keeps getting better and better. As previous posts of mine and Roadtripper's can attest, I tend to go for the blond boys. I can always make an exception for RDJ. Those eyes, that hair, that smart ass attitude! And he can completely disappear into his roles, showing great versatility as an actor. And you can tell there is intelligence there as well. I want to hang out with him, converse with him about all matters of the universe, make fun of others with him, cause massive amounts of trouble with him, and then shag him silly!

He is more than a pretty face, but oh what a face. Welcome to the island, Robert, now get over here.

Fairly Unbalanced (And Freaking Hysterical!)

I am forced to watch FOX news at work (it just doesn't seem worth it to put up a fight because I am grossly outnumbered). Most of the time FOX makes my blood boil, but every once in awhile, a comedic gem like this one lands in my lap.