Welcome To The Island: Bloodsuckers 2.0

The best thing about Bad Wolf and my friendship is that we like a lot of the same things but often go to opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to men. Case in point, we both freak on Joss Whedon shows, especially Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But Bad Wolf went with Angel this week so, of course, I end up nominating Angel's arch nemesis, Spike.

Funny thing about this guy: I only love him when he is bleach blonde, wearing a leather trench coat (or no shirt at all!) and speaking in a snarly British accent. I have seen the actor James Marsters in other things but his real life Northern California accent and brown hair just don't do it for me. Sorry James but Spike is the only one sucking on my neck.

Southern Living Roadtripper Style

FAQs concerning my move to North Carolina:

Q: Have you finished unpacking?

A: I still have some boxes here and there but the bulk of it is done.

Q: How's the new job?

A: Ehhhh. I got thrown a curve ball when I discovered that I was expected to fill a different position than what I was told. Most of the people are nice but my immediate office hasn't exactly rolled out the welcome mat for me. It is full of former infantry guys. Maybe they aren't used to a woman... or maybe they are just dicks.

Q: Have you been to the beach?

A: Not during the day yet but I did manage a nocturnal skinny dip while at an after party last Saturday.

Q: Eaten any good seafood yet?

A: Shrimp burgers, shrimp and grits... I am starting to sound like Bubba Gump here.

Q: Have you met anyone interesting?

A: I may have found myself someone to crush on. And he flirts back!!!!!

Welcome to the Island: Bloodsucker Edition

Vampires seem to be all the rage recently. Between the Twilight Movie and True Blood TV Series (both based on books) everybody is trying to see who can have the sexier vampire. They can try all they want, I've got the sexiest right here:

David Boreanaz, who played Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spinoff Angel. I mean,yowza! Words aren't really needed are they? He may not have the accent Spike has but he did have a soul and a really nice smile:

He can suck my, well, let's just say he's going to need all the energy he can get.

I Am Back, Bitches!

Roadtripper8 was last seen sitting on her porch with her laptop, rejoicing over the fact that she now has an internet connection at her new pad. The new love of her life is the cable person. She was planning on going inside, setting up all her favorite shows on the DVR and possibly start getting ready for work. Please remove Roadtripper8 from the missing persons file.