Welcome to the Island: When in Rome Edition

I had often heard Roadtripper expound on the wonders of HBO's Rome. I never really got it. Until last summer when I had the joy of finally catching it while visiting her and Candace. And Yowza, did I get it!

Those eyes! That integrity combined with a look that says I will fuck your shit up if you piss me off. Once seeing his portrayal of Lucius Vorenus on Rome, i quickly netflixed the rest of the series and also watched Made of Honor. Made of Honor, and I am not a Patrick Dempsey fan! Then I look into those eyes again and forget Dempsey entirely.

Welcome to the Island Kevin. Don't worry, I've been to Pompeii and have seen their brothels, I know a few positions I can point out for us.

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Suzanne said...

Kevin also played Tommy in Trainspotting.