Welcome to the Island: You Know, That Guy

Everyone knows the marquee name movie stars: Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, etc. But you also have "that guy." He seems to be in every third movie made but you never know the guy's name. And generally, that guy, is a better actor than the top billed star, stealing most scenes. So as Roadtripper and I salute "that guy", I present you with:

His name, I honestly don't remember right now, and besides Lost is on. But you probably remember him from Prison Break, The Longest Yard, Armageddon, and many other movies. Usually playing a dickhead. So why do I want him on the island? There is just something about "that guy." Welcome to the island, maybe with enough practice, you will become something more than that guy.


Roadtripper8 said...

I love your link to the list of "that guys".

CKD said...

Usually playing a dickhead...and here's why I love Island Wednesday!

Bad Wolf said...

Yeah, that list is awesome. And he usually does play the dickhead, still sexy though.